River Thames

These days have ebbed
as Love’s swell was checked …
the waters in some places –
are all but dammed!

But now at last
I sense the rising tide
and thank Temese
for the current’s turn;
now following that great writhing snake
to where its pulsing head will rake;
past the mucky soiled beds
of Woolwich
Greenwich Palace
Limehouse Basin
– and under –
Tower Bridge

To that great gloating sight
A crown of a billion lights
Blazing day and night:
And somewhere within
In the slick oily warmth
Our flood tides wash,
As over each other we mesh.

Hard thrusts
wicked deep cuts
given and received
are recorded in that great mirror smoked!
where with a tug and a shove
on the banks
in the streets
through the loopy twists
everything prospers in the glow
as the decades decaying flow;
each horny bud
red with new blood
one after t’other
before its purple petals scatter.

Let’s on the luck o’ the dice
(you ‘n’ me!)
ride out
on the flotsam and jetsom
that has carried us this far
and if it pleases



She said:

There have been a ridiculous amount of  synchronicities:
I realise now how much I am in your ocean.

I said:

My dear, then not a drop of dark tincture cast in these clear waters in which we swim,
a vast ocean in which no matter at what end you lie,
I sense you in the very reverberations of the molecules around me –
the slightest tremor!

And must turn in your direction and with blind eyes penetrate the depth searching for your form,
and begin the journey to find you and at last embrace you with every ion of my Being…