The Murderbot Dieries: Artificial Condition by Martha Wells.

Is it only me? Or do we all like android stories and their unique take on our own ontology? Being in being, in other words.

This is simple, but great science fiction. A murderbot who isn’t quite right with murder.

Like Anne Rice’s ‘Interview with a Vampire’ it does that great thing of providing its central character – the android – with superhuman powers that it is not comfortable with.

Now sympathies engaged, we go on the second adventure in the Murderbot Diaries, eSeries, where our hero makes friends with a super AI transporter bot ART, running its own ship; then finds itself allowing  its own physical transformation under ART’s sculpel-weilding intelligence; before regressing us to its own dark pit of ‘inspiration’, providing a perspective on being one enternal step removed from ever being wholly human.

And aren’t we all, at times, not feeling quite sentient enough?

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